About Artspan
Artspan is a small company founded by an artist in 1999. For close to 15 years we have stayed focused on our market and on what we do best.  We are an artist website builder company creating artists websites especially designed for artists, artisans, photographers and designers. The templated artist website is the centerpiece of a complete marketing package for artists. The artist sites are part of an artist community in which directories, keyword searches and the Search+Shop feature enable the visitors to find work specific to their needs. Artwork is also featured in the Articles and Collections.

Today, many new jumbo size website builder companies exist, most of which have hundreds of employees and big Silicon Valley funding. They provide websites for the masses. Artspan has remained committed to providing artist websites specifically for artists with many unique features and easy usability.
Artspan for Artists
Artspan fosters a community of contemporary emerging artists. Each artist
website is independent but also part of Artspan.com.

A well designed and personally customized artist website is central to an artistic
career. It is where visitors go to see your work and follow your career.
You can also sell art from your artist website as well as through the Artspan online
gallery.  There is NO commission on sales to buyers going directly to your
site - these are your buyers - and only 10% commission to buyers who find
your work through Artspan. Sell original artwork and, at your option, prints
produced with quality archival materials. These are shipped directly to

Artspan was founded by artists. We understand your problems and work
with you in selling your art and growing your career. Join our international
community of skilled and original artists today.
Artspan for the Art Buyer
Buying art on Artspan is like taking a trip through individual artists'
galleries. You get to know the artists, become familiar with their work, and
learn their story; you form a connection with the person who created the art
you purchase.

With Artspan, you deal directly with the artist, so you know you're getting
the very best price. On most gallery sites the transaction is impersonal, and
prices are inflated to cover commissions, shipping, and other fees, but at
Artspan you buy straight from the artist’s studio.

You’ll find fine art in any medium, either originals or museum-quality
archival prints, from over 4,000 artists in 51 countries. Our community
includes established artists and the next big name, and we have art for any
collector in any price range. Connecting buyers with artists has never been
Who is Artspan...
Eric Sparre
Founder & Director
Caoimhin Barry
Director of Operations
Mariana Sparre
Creative Director
Denise Glover
Support and Billing
Chris Marano
Web Development
Pablo Wolochwianski
Web Development
Madelene Varalli
Susan Faith
Content and Support
Marisa Aceves
Support and Content
Artspan is headquartered along the Delaware River in Lambertville, NJ
Artspan Office