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Keep 100% of sales in your shop.

KEEP 100%

of profits on
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Other gallery sites can
charge as much as 50%
commission on sales.
It's your jewelry. Keep
your profits.


Keep 90% of your
sales made on our
Jewelspan.com online
gallery shop

Join a community of artists - each with their own branded website.

…an invaluable tool for marketing my work.
I have made numerous contacts and sales...
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What is on Jewelspan?

We provide elegantly designed artisan websites. Each website has an easy to use control panel where the member can customize and control all aspects of their site. Members can upload images, create galleries, and post pages with any info they want.

Do I have to build my own website? How long will it take?

Jewelspan has been developed so all members can easily create their dream website in minutes with smart, user-friendly tools.

What types of design choices do I have?

The sites are VERY customizable - layout, color, upload a logo, choose fonts and more! OR use the one-click design option and choose from one of our many readymade themes.

Does Jewelspan charge a commission for work sold?

There is no commission for work sold to buyers who go directly to your site. We consider these buyers to be your buyers. There is a small 10% commission on sales to buyers who find your work through the Jewelspan Shop.

Why do I need a Jewelspan website?

A website is essential to selling your jewelry and promoting your brand. We provide jewelers with a simple and low cost way to create a customized personal website. No computer expertise required! You also sell your work to buyers who find your work with Jewelspan.com searches & directories. You have the benefit of a dynamic personal site harnessed to the power of a larger ecommerce website attracting more traffic than any individual site possibly could.

Can I sell my jewelry through my site?

Yes. Of course! You will have a fully integrated shopping cart on your own website at no extra cost, so customers can choose to pay with credit card or with Paypal, and it's all fully secured. We are also the only website provider that calculates the correct up-to-the minute sales tax rates for your customers.

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