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What is a Jewelspan website?
We provide elegantly designed artisan websites. Each website has an easy to use control panel where the member can customize and control all aspects of their site. Members can upload images, create galleries, and post pages with any info they want.
Why do I need a Jewelspan website?
A website is essential to selling your jewelry and promoting your brand. We provide jewelers with a simple and low cost way to create a customized personal website. No computer expertise required! You also sell your work to buyers who find your work with searches & directories. You have the benefit of a dynamic personal site harnessed to the power of a larger ecommerce website attracting more traffic than any individual site possibly could.
Do I have to make my own website?
No, that is our job, everything will be set up for you, just add your content. To begin: sign up, then upload your artwork and create any other pages you would like to include on your site.
How long will it take to get my website?
You can start building your site using your control panel as soon as you sign up, and you can view your site online immediately (note that if you choose to create a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name there may be a delay of up to a day before your custom url shows).
What types of design choices do I have?
The sites are VERY customizable - layout, color, upload a logo, choose fonts and more! OR use the one-click design option and choose from one of our many readymade themes.
How do I update/manage my website?
Your Jewelspan website comes with a user friendly control panel. You log in to your control panel using your username and password, and easily edit all aspects of your site, including: homepage, images, portfolios, design, shopping cart, and more.
How do I add images?
You enter the Images section on the control panel, then you click "add images ". Select the image from your computer you would like to upload, and the image will be automatically resized as a thumbnail and full-sized image. All images are automatically search engine optimized. Other options include zoom, watermark and slideshow.
How do I decide what to put on my website?
Showing images of your work is central to any jewelers website. So start by uploading images and, at your option, separating them into different portfolios or galleries. In addition to the image pages, you can add as many other pages as you like. Add text and images to these pages and format to suit. Jewelspan default pages are CV/Bio, Jeweler Statement, and Contact, but you are completely free to do what you need to do to show your work in the best possible way.
Can someone steal my images?
Any image you create has your copyright automatically. For any commercial exploitation under US and international copyright laws you are protected. Note that all images on the web have a very low resolution for print or other purposes. If you would like to add an extra level of protection, you can choose to have a watermark appear over your images - but we do NOT recommend that for jewelry websites.
Can I display my images as slideshows?
Yes. There are a variety of slideshow patterns and speeds to choose from in the Images section of your control panel.
Can I post a video or pdf to my jewelspan website?
Yes. You can add a video or other file such as a pdf by clicking on an upload icon in the text editor.
Can I see how many people visit my site?
Yes. You can see how many people are visiting your site, and from what location, as well as which pages are being viewed, by accessing the Website Statistics section in your control panel.
Can people contact me through my site?
Yes, your site will have a built-in contact page, so visitors can type a message directly to you without seeing your email address. You can add additional details such as address or phone if you so choose.
Can I sell my jewelry through my site?
Yes. Of course! You will have a fully integrated shopping cart on your own website at no extra cost, so customers can choose to pay with credit card or with Paypal, and it's all fully secured. We are also the only website provider that calculates the correct up-to-the minute sales tax rates for your customers.
Will I be rewarded if I recommend Jewelspan to friends?
Yes!-- Jewelspan always gives a free month for any member when they refer a new member, the new member will also receive a free month in addition to the free month they get when they join. When the referral signs up they enter your name under "How did you find out about us." Jewelspan is proud to provide this affordable service and encourages you to recommend us to others. The more jewelers, the more reason, buyers will have to come to Jewelspan and find your work.
How do I sign up?
Click here to fill out the simple online application. Sign up today and be online tonight!

Jewelspan Site Features 

How will visitors to Jewelspan find my site?
Jewelers websites can be found through the Jewelspan search engine. Their websites will also be listed in the Jeweler Directory. Jewelry can also be found in the shopping section.
How do Searches work?
Visitors can search by keywords, for example, "white pearls ." The results will be thumbnails of images whose keywords match "white pearls " and "white" and "pearls". Visitors can also seearch by category and medium and then sort or filter by location, price and name.
What directories are members featured in?
The three main directories are the A-Z Directories, the Category Directories, and the Regional Directories.


What is a domain name?
A domain name is the name of your website, e.g. This is also called a URL or web address.
Can I have personal domain name?
Yes. We strongly recommend it. You can choose your own unique domain name as part of the Artspan application process. Please note: your domain name is your property and you are responsible for renewing it.
What can I choose for a domain name?
Anything that is available. We suggest you use your name, as that is how most people will search for you. For example, If this is not available, try other variations such as Try to keep your domain name as simple as possible. It should be easy to remember and simple to type in the browser window.
What if I already own a domain name?
No problem. You can easily redirect your current domain name to your Jewelspan website.

First, please let us know what your existing domain name is by emailing us at [email protected] or opening a ticket via the Help Desk.

You will need to change your DNS (Domain Name Servers or Name Servers). You do this at the website of your current domain registrar.

The new DNS information you enter should be:
Do I have to purchase a domain name?
No, you can have an Jewelspan subdomain, e.g. This is free.
Do I get an email account with my domain?
Yes, as many as you like. Just tell the Help Desk.


How much does it cost?
Jewelspan offers two full-featured website packages from to /month. (Special Introductory Pricing) For annual payment, the plans run from to . All the plans include website hosting and email accounts. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL.
How much is a domain name?
The cost is $15.89 per year if purchased at Jewelspan, you can also purchase through another provider and assign it to your Jewelspan site.
I already have a domain. What is the cost to use that domain?
If you own domain elsewhere, you can use that domain for your Jewelspan site at no cost.
How much is a subdomain?
There is no charge to use a subdomain for your Jewelspan website.
What is web hosting and how much is it?
Web hosts are companies that provide space on their server for clients to use. Jewelspan servers provide 99.98% server uptime. There is no extra charge for this or for hosting extra images and videos.
How do I pay for a Jewelspan membership?
We accept Visa, Master, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. If you pay annually, you can also make arrangements to pay by check.
Is my credit card information safe?
The security of your credit card and personal information is our maximum priority. We use advanced 128-bit SSL encryption technology whenever sensitive information is updated or transmitted through our network. Rest assured, your information is guaranteed safe and secure with Jewelspan at all times. We have been staking our reputation and our business on it since 1999.
How can I cancel my Jewelspan Membership?
It's easy to do, no advance notice required. Just send our Help Desk a message, [email protected], we will cancel your account immediately.