Find answers in the FAQ section.

Is Jewelspan right for me?

Painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, printmakers, fiber artists, ceramicists, mixed media artists, digital artists and more.

Can I build my own website? How long will it take?

Create your dream website in minutes—no coding skills required. We have over one hundred templates to get you started. It's easy to customize your website with smart, user-friendly design tools. Change fonts and colors with the click of a mouse.

Will my website be secure?

Jewelspan provides a free SSL certfificate for all domains.

Can I get some expert help with my site design?

With our ProPlus plan you get a free website makeover. All of our plans come with full support in using our design tools and expert advice on the most effective presentation of your work.

How do I update/manage my website?

You can manage all aspects of your site from your easily-navigable control panel, including your homepage, artwork library, galleries, design layouts, marketing tools, social media network and more.

Can I buy my own domain name, or use one that I already have?

Yes, through Jewelspan you can purchase a domain name (such as for $15.89 per year. If you already have a domain name, we can help you redirect it to your Jewelspan site. Our ProPlus package includes a free domain name.

How do visitors find my work?

Through our unique two-tiered system, visitors can go directly to your site or they can access your site via our home page. Built-in SEO on each individually branded website attracts traffic. And search functions on our home page allow people to find your work by category, medium, subject, region, and artist directory. If you offer your work for sale in our originals or prints shops, the search can be further refined by price, palette, keywords, and more. Every image in our shops connects to a Product Page with more thumbnails of your work and a direct link to your website.

We also feature member work in our Collections, Articles, Blogs and online group shows. We share your art on our extensive social media network, through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter. We are the only website builder to work with you to build your career.

What is SEO? How will Jewelspan help me attract visitors to my site?

SEO stands for "search engine optimization," and describes the process of attracting traffic to your site via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your Jewelspan site offers built-in SEO. We make it easy for you to add search-engine-friendly browser titles for each page on your site. This, along with backlinks and keyword-rich content are among the most important elements in search engine algorithms. Need help with copy? Ask our help desk to take a look. Our ProPlus level includes a free consultation with our SEO expert, as well as a detailed plan on how to improve traffic to your site.

How can I promote my Jewelspan site via Social Media?

You can add icons to your Jewelspan site so that people can follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked-in, or Google Plus. You can also add a "Pin-it" button and a Facebook "like" button. And you can enable a strip of social media icons at the bottom of every page on your site, so that visitors can easily share that page through Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and many more.

Do you offer password-protected galleries?

You can set up private galleries that can only be accessed with a password that you supply. These galleries facilitate interactions with specific clients--share proofs of photographs, track progress on commissions, and offer special pricing.

Can I see how many people visit my site?

Yes. You can see how many people are visiting your site, their global location and which pages they view, by accessing the Stats section in your control panel.

Why do I need an Jewelspan website?

In our increasingly internet-enabled world, a website is essential to showcasing and selling your work. We provide our members with the simplest, lowest-cost, and most effective way to create a uniquely customized, mobile-friendly artist website.

Jewelspan's international community of artists is a destination for art-lovers around the world. Our Jewelspan staff will work with you to make your site an effective tool to attract visitors, and we'll help you show and sell your work.

Can I sell my art through my site?

Yes! Buyers can find your art from the Jewelspan marketplace or go directly to your site. Sell originals through your fully integrated shopping cart. We take care of credit card processing and help you calculate sales tax and shipping fees. You can sell prints of your work through our Prints-on-Demand program.

Does Jewelspan charge a commission for work sold?

There is no commission for work sold to buyers who go directly to your site. There is an industry-low 10% commission on sales to buyers who find your work through the Jewelspan Shops.

If I get a free trial, why do I need to enter my credit card information?

Entering your credit card information ensures that you will have uninterrupted service and helps us to verify your contact information. Your credit card will not be charged during the initial trial and you can cancel at any time during the free trial.

Is my site live during the free trial?

Yes, your site is live from the minute you sign up.

Is my artwork protected from theft?

Yes. Any image you create is copyrighted automatically. For any commercial exploitation under US and international copyright laws, you are protected. You can also opt for a copyright notice and right click can be disabled upon request, which makes it tough to copy your image.

If I need help, can I talk to someone?

Yes! We have expert and friendly customer support people. You can contact the help desk by phone (in the U.S. +1.609.397.0888 or via Skype by appointment) email ([email protected]) or you can access live chat or open a ticket in your Control Panel. We are there to serve you.