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Your Unique Jewelry Making Studio Space

Creating a functional jewelry making studio by Patricia Baranyai




Creating a jewelry making studio that will serve you well for both function and inspiration takes some care in planning.


First, consider what materials you will be working with before deciding what kind of work table or tablesyou will need.


If you will be working with heavier equipment such as a drill press, a rolling mill or a table top kilnyou will need a good sturdy table. A table with a solid top and strong legs will also be necessary forsawing metal sheets, forming, hammer work and techniques requiring a vice grip.


A jewelers work bench can run anywhere between two to seven hundred dollars. Traditional work benches come withaluminum lined drawers that can be used as work surfaces, tool drawers, arm rests, mandrel holes and a recessedarea with a steel work plate.


I love my work bench as it has two working surfaces and the lower one glides out over my lap so that I cansit close to my work. The upright back panel is made out of peg board which makes it great for organizing toolsand there is an upper and two lower areas for extra storage.


I purchased my work bench on sale for about sixty dollars from a building supply store. It is not only a practical alternative to a jewelers bench, it is also very economical and offers great functionality.


Here is a photo of the work bench in my jewelry making studio. for ideas on how to organize your work bench click onthe photo.




Your jewelry making studio is your space to create. It not only should serve you for easy access to supplies andoffer great functionality, it also should be a place where you feel inspired to create!


Consider making that space uniquely yours with some inspirational photos and by introducing storage containersthat reflect your personality. By interjecting colors that you love and some unique furnishingsyou can have both form and function in a way that says YOU.


Since I have a love for old world design I have included storage containers that have an old apothecary feel. Ipurchased several units with mini drawers many years ago and to this day they serve both my business and my personality. They are great for organizing supplies and I love to look at them.


I now have so many drawer units that I can organize all of my supplies into them and one day I will get aroundto finishing all of them in a dark, rich brown with old fashioned labels.For ideas on how to organize your jewelrysupplies click on the photo below.



When planning your jewelry making studio you must always consider safety. You will need to take all the the precautions to ensure not only your safety but, the safety of those you love and of your special home.To learn more about safety click on studio safety. When you have the desire to create it is very exciting to plan a space where you will enjoy the process. It is not just about a table and chair and a few is about you! It is about your unique jewelry making studio space. 

Adapted with permission from an article written by Patricia Baranyai who has been designing a line of vintage style jewelry for twenty-three years, and also writes articles about the jewelry business on her website























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